Kalina Polet Slavkova

Physicist | Computational Oncology + Deep Learning for MRI | Exploring the Intersection of Physics, Biology, & AI

Welcome to my personal website!

I am a PhD student in Physics at the University of Texas at Austin.

My research involves the implementation of deep learning techniques to accelerate the acquisition of dynamic images from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with a high spatio-temporal resolution for quantitative imaging.

Additionally, I analyze dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI data from breast imaging using perfusion models to extract quantitative tissue information that may inform screening and mathematical modeling efforts.

I am formally advised by Thomas Yankeelov, Ph.D. in the Center for Computational Oncology and informally advised by Jonathan Tamir, Ph.D. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Austin.

Please feel free to explore my research and other information across this website! I am more than happy to answer questions and have discussions


An untrained deep learning method for reconstructing dynamic magnetic resonance images from accelerated model-based data

Kalina P. Slavkova, Julie C. DiCarlo, Viraj Wadhwa, Chengyue Wu, John Virostko, Sidharth Kumar, Thomas E. Yankeelov, Jonathan I. Tamir

arXiv Preprint

Analysis of Simplicial Complexes to Determine When to Sample for Quantitative DCE-MRI of the Breast.

Julie C. DiCarlo, Angela M. Jarrett, Anum S. Kazerouni, John Virostko, Anna G. Sorace, Kalina P. Slavkova, Deborah Patt, Boone Goodgame, Stephanie Woodard, Sarah Avery, Thomas E. Yankeelov

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (In review), ISMRM Workshop on Perfusion MRI, 2022 Feb

Quantitative multiparametric MRI predicts response to neoadjuvant therapy in the community setting

John Virostko, Anna G. Sorace, Kalina P. Slavkova, Anum S. Kazerouni, Angela M. Jarrett, Julie C. DiCarlo, Stefanie Woodard, Sarah Avery, Boone Goodgame, Debra Patt, Thomas E. Yankeelov

Breast Cancer Research, 2021, p. 110

Characterizing errors in perfusion model parameters derived from retrospectively abbreviated quantitative DCE-MRI data

Kalina P Slavkova, Julie C DiCarlo, Anum K Syed, Chengyue Wu, John Virostko, Anna G Sorace, Thomas E Yankeelov

Cancer Research, vol. 81(4), 2021

Characterizing Errors in Pharmacokinetic Parameters from Analyzing Quantitative Abbreviated DCE-MRI Data in Breast Cancer

Kalina P. Slavkova, Julie C. DiCarlo, Anum S. Kazerouni, John Virostko, Anna G. Sorace, Debra Patt, Boone Goodgame, Thomas E. Yankeelov

Tomography, vol. 7(3), 2021, pp. 253-267

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I am a PhD student in Physics exploring the intersection of Physics and Biology.


Kalina Polet Slavkova

PhD Candidate in Physics

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(512) 471-1153

Department of Physics

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